This is Pure Digitization Feeling


Finca plus fast Internet, this is my situation right now, which I chose to continue writing on part 2 of the Digital Transformation Toolbox book series. I settled in the middle of some mountains of the Spanish island Mallorca. The place is romantic and inspiring, and it is high-tech at the same time. All I need, operationally, is fast, seamless access to the internet. No problem, even in a remote place like this.

The huge advantage is: The place makes me thinking. As a result, I made up my mind and gave part 2 a slightly different spin. Earlier, I planned to include a chapter on workstyle analysis. Screening the Digital Transformation Toolbox once more, made me discover that two things are important: Part 2 should feature Focus Interview technique. This is one of the most powerful tools which paves the way for any digital transformation endeavor. It is making scope and priorities clear and helps to reduce transformation risks substantially. Consequently, I gave Focus Interview technique priority over workstyle analysis for Part 2 of this book series. Secondly, part 3 will – most probably – fully dedicated to workstyle analysis. I will introduce alternative methods for workstyle analysis and lay out advantages and disadvantages of them. This allows readers to pick the right instrument with more precision.

So, taking this Finca-high-tech approach has paid back, already. I am fascinated that this kind of working scenario is the new normal which characterizes our new ways of working or even stand for it. They become part of the new workings standards. Times are definitely over, where many types of work are bound to a desk and office infrastracture. ‘Chao’, old economy thinking and attitudes.


Part 2 is ‘Under Construction’

Cover_DTTBX2_v1_1Part 1 of the Digital Transformation Toolbox just came out. So, Part 2 is on its way. Part 2 will feature – for example – Digital SWOT analysis. Digital SWOT is an amazing tool, since it is swift, precise and the perfect starting point for a strategy development process. Part 2 will explain how to process Digital SWOT. Parallel processing is a viable option. And it will explain which questions to ask in a strategy development team in order to come to the essence of current capabilities on the one hand side and forces shaping the business. Digital SWOT is integrating two schools of thinking this way, which makes the tool so powerful and valuable.

Part 1 of Digital Transformation Toolbox is published

When it comes to digitization, there are tons of books and blogs available which are telling us what to do about our business. Few or nearly none give concrete guidance how to do it and how to get there practically. We need practical tools which allow to crack digitization opportunities and get on top of it. As manager, business consultant and scientist I have seen tons of best and worst practices, as far as tools are concerned. The best ones I started to explain now in this book series. It is a book series, since this format allows to write and share high-speed. Instead of sitting on top of a manuscript for a year until it is ‘complete’ and ready to be published, I am able to share a first part after a few weeks and a second soon, a few weeks later – and so on. The price for every part equals the equivalent fraction of a later full book volume. So, it is all fair but much more dynamic. Time is valuable given the speed of digitization of markets, industries and businesses. The earlier a team can start to set the first steps and get moving, the better. We all have seen enough evidence by now that wait and see costed many firms their  market position of even their existence. So let’s ge crackin’. Here is the book:


The Journey Begins

Digital transformation is in front of businesses and industries – no escape. In order to help organizations to master this challenge efficiently and effectively, I started my new new book  series “Digital Transformation Toolbox”. The first part is published now, and I start this blog in order to add and share background materials, best practice experiences, benchmarks, scientific studies, and other valuable drill-downs into the matter.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton